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The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum
Posted by Alex J Dot on 26th July 2014


Arnold Schwarzenegger, one part Mr. Olympia, one part action star, one part Governor, and all parts awesome…except the last one, unless you consider bankruptcy awesome! I really enjoy “Arnold films”; Terminator 1 & 2, Conan The Barbarian, Commando, True Lies, Kindergarten Cop, Total Recall and Predator are my favourites.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum

When I was co-planning the trip to Austria with my dad, one of my friends had told me there was an Arnold museum.  I thought they were leading me astray, but they were right!  I did more research and found out the museum was started by one of Arnold’s childhood friends, and was inside of the house where Arnold grew up.  In Austria we rented a car from the airport so we could drive from Vienna to Salzburg.  On the way there, in the small town of Graz, we found the Schwarzenegger Museum.  It’s a small but traditional Austrian home surrounded by other homes, gardens, and a statue of Arnold’s Mr. Olympia pose.

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The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum
The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum Name Plate

As we entered, the hallway was surrounded in merchandise and gift shop items.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: History

The first room was dedicated to Arnold’s history before he was famous.  There were pictures of him as a child, his military locker with “nudie” pics, and some other items.

Military Locker – The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum


Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Governator

In the next room was his Governor stage of life; featuring his desk, promotional campaign videos, a life sized model of him, and some awesome artwork.

The Desk – The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum


Life sized model – The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum
Awesome art – The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum

We went up a flight of steps with posters of his films on the right, and were greeted by…the bathroom (that Arnold used growing up).  It’s modernized now, but still kind of cool.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Mr. Olympia

In the next room was the Mr. Olympia stage of life.  Stocked full of exercise equipment, and shirtless pictures…you know, for the ladies (Maria, the maid, and that other woman).

Exercise equipment – The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum
For the ladies – The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Movie Star

The last two sections were my personal favourites; the action star stage of life!  There were vintage posters, props, TWO life size terminators, the sword from Conan, and the motorcycle from T-2.  I basically had a nerdgasm (don’t ask).

Battle Damaged T-800 from T2 – The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum
The Terminator has got me – The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum
Conan’s Sword – The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum
Motorcycle from T2 – The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum
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Overall this museum was really fun!  I recommend it to fans of his films because you will love it.  Check out the posters, cool facts, props from the films, and finish off at Hooters just 5-10 minutes away!  This museum can be summed up in one word “fun” (like I said above).  It really was such an amazing time and I’ll remember it for a long time.

For more information, please visit: The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum and on Facebook