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Cape Cod Potato Chips Tour: Crunch…Crunch
Posted by TonyJDot on 27th June 2016

From the moment you step out of your car and begin walking toward the factory, the aroma of fresh kettle cooked potato chips fills your nose and entices your taste buds.
I had my first experience with kettle chips while visiting Europe as a child. Now each time I come across that distinct smell and taste of kettle chips, a nostalgic moment from my childhood is replayed.

The Tour:

Cape Cod Potato Chips Tour

Join Cape Cod’s largest tourist attraction by being of one of the 250,000 visitors they get each year.
You will begin your self-guided tour as soon as you enter the building. The tour takes you down a hallway where you can glance through windows to view the process of how these delicious potato chips are created. More details are given on several poster boards along the way.

Did you know it takes 4 pounds of selected potatoes to make one pound of Cape Cod Chips?Click To Tweet Cape Cod Chips began making my favourite chips on July 4th, 1980, which happens to be the same year as The Empire Strikes Backs debuted in theatres. What started out as a small operation has now spread worldwide.

You may ask what makes these chips so special? Well that is a great question; the company is very choosy on the quality of potatoes and where they source them from. Local farmers along the eastern coast supply just the right type of potato (water content, colour, etc).  Also, they only use all-natural ingredients and make the chips in small batches.
You just have to try them to truly appreciate why kettle cooked potato chips are so yummy.

As you head over to visit “The Cape” (Cape Cod), make a stop in the lovely town of Hyannis. The Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory Tour is FREE, and you get a small gift as you leave: a freshly made bag of potato chips. The gift shop has more delicious offerings: try a new flavour, a new product or bring back some for friends and family.

This family friendly tour is definitely recommended for all potato chip lovers. If you have never experienced the big crunch of kettle cooked chips, I invite you to try some.

What’s your favourite flavour of potato chips? Mine is anything hot favoured, like Jalapeno.

Travel Details:
Cape Cod Potato Chips
100 Breed’s Hill Road, Hyannis, MA 02601

Social Details:

Twitter:  @CapeCodChips