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Muggle Tours / Platform 9 ¾
Posted by Alex J Dot on 12th February 2014


Muggle Tours / Platform 9 ¾

Visit the real magic behind the Harry Potter series – travel through Platform 9 ¾ (read below to find out how)

Muggle Tours:

Have you ever wanted to visit areas of the world where some of your favourite films were…filmed?  If you do, you should check out London’s Harry Potter fan based Muggle Tours walking adventure.  If you have read my previous Harry Potter review you will know that I am a huge fan of the books, characters, and movies.

Muggle Tours is a London based walking tour operated by Harry Potter fans. Your guide will take you to several locations used in many scenes from the eight movies. Many of the locations were altered to better suit the particular scene necessary (In other words, they look completely different in real life).  Our guide was very informative and mentioned historical details about where JK Rowling got inspiration for certain locations in the book series, plenty of London history, and fun facts.

My favourite fact was how JK Rowling handpicked Alan Richman to play Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films.  Before she even finished writing the last couple of books, she held private meetings with Alan to discuss the character’s evolution and yet-to-be revealed ‘back story’ allowing him ample time to learn his part perfectly and naturally.

Some of the filming locations included Mr. Weasley’s entrance to Ministry of Magic, Sirius Black’s house (Order of the Pheonix HQ), the inspiration for Diagon Alley, and lots more.

Entrance to Ministry of Magic – Muggle Tours


Entrance to Ministry of Magic – Muggle Tours
Sirius Black’s House – Muggle Tours
Inspiration for Diagon Alley – Muggle Tours


The interesting thing about this walking tour is that it’s more about London’s history in general than actual Harry Potter info.  I think it’s better because the history behind it all is very interesting;  in fact after the tour I looked up all of the information to learn even more.

In conclusion, this is a great tour for families to bring their Harry Potter fan kids to learn more about the history behind everything.  Even adults who don’t like Harry Potter will find the non-Harry Potter history very engaging and interesting.

Go book now at Muggle Tours and tell me what you think:   I would love to know.  Now I’m running late, so I’ll just jump on my broomstick and head over to the Quidditch World Cup match!

King’s Cross Station

I’m pretty sure every Harry Potter fan at one point has dreamed about running into the wall between platforms 9 and 10.  If you are, you might be a bit disappointed with what you find at the real Kings Cross Station in London.

It’s not there!  I walked all the way over to platforms nine and ten, and it’s nothing like the movie…at all.  It turns out they filmed those scenes on the other platforms.  I know; mind blown!  I looked around and searched for it, but each “pillar” looked the same, but as I walked back disappointed, I noticed that there was a replica Platform 9 ¾ station with the cart full of cages and baggage halfway through the wall.  To fulfill your dream, someone had a great idea: provide each Harry Potter fan with a choice of scarf and the 9 ¾ group will photography you! Hold onto the baggage cart and when they say jump, you jump – lo and behold it looks like you’re flying through the wall!

Running into Platform 9 3/4 – King’s Cross Station

After my modeling job…I mean photo shoot, I headed over to the overpriced gift shop and bought a Platform 9 3/4 ticket for my collection.  I was somewhat satisfied but a bit disappointed.   It was a pain to get to King’s Cross Station, so I would only recommend going if you are nearby or are a hardcore fan.