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When Pigs Fry – An Urban Adventures Tour Review
Posted by Alex J Dot on 30th July 2016

Urban Adventures, in partnership with Tourguys, is a tour company that shows you the unique aspects of the city while filling you up with interesting facts through their entertaining tour guides and a day full of fun.  We reviewed one of their other tours a few months ago; Kensington Market.  This time however, their lovely walk through the city of Toronto brings you to some of the city’s best pork restaurants.  There’s a reason why it used to be called Hog City, but you will have to go on the tour to find that out.

Our tour was guided by the energetic and highly entertaining Jackie.  We started from the Hockey Hall of Fame and ended up in the King-Bathurst area.  What a journey!  On the tour we visited various restaurants and dined upon a variety of pig cuisine.  I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll try to be vague about the locations.  Throughout the tour Jackie shared very interesting facts and history about the pork industry as well as some great ‘off topic’ facts such as clowns fighting firefighters.  For the most part I enjoyed the food.  I had one of the best peameal bacon I’d ever tasted, pulled pork poutine (which was surprisingly delicious), wild boar sausage and mediocre healthy bacon.  Just typing all of that made me hungry again.

Peameal Bacon sandwich
Pulled Pork Poutine
Wild Boar Sausages and more

Another great aspect of the tour is its relative openness to foreigners of the city.  It shows a unique side of Toronto (and fills your belly).  Be warned, leave your stomach empty beforehand because you will be quite full by the end of the tour.  My personal downsides of the tour were taking the street car (I prefer walking) and going to the hipster area of town (I’m just not a fan of the hipster attitude and life style).

All in all, this is an awesome tour for foodies and bacon lovers alike.  Vegetarians, vegans and PETA beware; no diet accommodations.  I learned about the history behind the “why” we were called Hog City, had great food and above all else, had fun.  If this sounds like your idea of a good time, you will enjoy yourself.  I know where I’ll be going for lunch next time I’m in the city.

If you have a few hours to spare and would like to delve deeper into the historical side of Toronto, then check out both Urban Adventures and Tourguys.  We received complimentary tickets to this guided tour.  Opinions, experiences, and photos are our own.

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