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Post Card Memories

Post Card Memories

A new series of travel adventure for our family travel readers. #PostCardMemories

I was blessed to have traveled when I was young.  One of my travel hobbies was collecting post cards from places I visited.  During a recent clean up in the basement, I came across a dusty box filled with those cherished post cards, some from friends and family too!

As I flipped through each card, old memories awoke.  Sometimes it was the weather, the Iocal cuisine or even where I bought that tacky souvenir.  There is something special when reading a family or friend adventure scribbled on the back of a post card. Family travel memories are precious: I want to share these post card memories each week with you, our loyal readers.

Writing is becoming a lost art…It’s time to reverse this tread

  • Buy a post card when travelling and jot down something unique you’d want to share with a friend or family
  • Was this a travel hobby of yours too?
  • Did you send post cards while travelling?
  • Do you still do?