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Ultimate Phone Case? Otterbox Defender Series Case REVIEW
Posted by TonyJDot on 25th February 2016


Do you love using your smart phone?

Has it become part of your digital lifestyle?

Do you want to give your smart phone the best protection as you experience life’s adventures?

Of course you do!  I agree with you too!

The drop and fall:

We’ve all experienced it:  the heart stopping moment when you drop your phone.  Luckily, for most folks, it’s a happy ending.  Remember when your math teacher mentioned something about probability, you’d think, “whatever”.  While, the important thing to know about probability is not “if it will happen” but, “when it will happen”.  When will you next drop your phone? Will it be the end of its life?


The review case provided by Otterbox, is their Defender Series case for the Samsung Note 5.  Most users choose Black for their cases.  I decided to add some colour and personalization to the case:  I choose the Sleet Grey shell with a Scarlet Red Slipcover, which closely aligns with my logo branding.  OtterBox offers several colour options on their Defender series cases, allowing users to create a perfect colour combination.

Otterbox Defender Case with belt clip

The Defender Series provides a level of protection few competitors can even approach.  Here’s how the Defender case provides its superior protection:

  1. Two piece polycarbonate shell
  2. Synthetic rubber slipcover
  3. Built in screen protector

Combined together, you have a ‘tank like’ case that will protect your smart phone from everyday activities and worldly travels.  Yes, the case will add weight and some bulk.  This does not impact me however; we have enough worries in life; adding another one “what if the phone will get damaged, etc”, is one I’d rather not have to worry about.


The installation process is straightforward enough.  The clips can be tricky to unclip but, this is a good thing: it means it is securely constructed.  The case includes flap openings for the charging port and the headphone jack.  The stylus is also easily accessible in the Otterbox.  Though not waterproof, it will keep dust, dirt and moisture out. The volume and power buttons are covered, making these a tad stiff, yet sturdy and with a good balance of tactility.  Remember, it’s about protecting your valuable phone.

We’ve been told, wireless charging is still possible with the case.  Though, I have not attempted it.

This model of case (vs the Commuter Series) includes a holster that clips on your belt or toolbag.  The clip doubles as a stand when you want to watch a movie clip…very cool!


This is a premium case.  Perfectly suited for a premium phone user’s active lifestyle.  As a wise man once said, “you really do get what you pay for”.  Think of it as a small investment for peace of mind.

Some humour:  You generally don’t see someone walking around with their $1000 laptop covered in a $10 flea market case. YET, you will see numerous instances of folks carrying around their similar priced smart phones (iPhone 6, S6, etc) covered in a cheap $10 case.  I’m sure if you take a closer inspection, most of these phones likely have some type of physical damage.  WHY risk your investment?

Durability In the Field:

The true test is out in the real world.  I’ve had the case dropped (cold hard, concrete floor at hockey arena), kicked and even stepped on (not intentionally though).  No scratches or any other indication of the incidents. And the phone never missed a beat.

A friend and general contractor only uses a Defender:  after 2.5 years on job sites, it’s still in great shape. Sure there are scratches and wear marks on the case, but what’s amazing, is the phone is perfectly in tack and in pristine condition.


From these experiences first hand, the Otterbox Defender Series case is my recommended choice for smart phones.  The only time my phone is out of the case, is to swap out the SIM card.   I can confidently take my Note 5 anywhere I go.  Once my Note 5 is safely enclosed within a Defender, I’m ready for my day’s activities without a worry; hiking, running, sporting (not swimming of course), painting, yard work, dry walling, plumbing, travelling to warm and cold climates, and going to work too!

Life goes on without needing to worry about ruining my phone; even after a drop or two (Let’s face it we’ve all tried to juggle and carry too much out to the car and dropped our phone).

Ultimate Phone Case?  I say YES!

Keep your phone safe with the Otterbox Defender!